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How to create a business website

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Here, we will guide you step by step to creating a business website for company and for freelance.


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In this tutorial you learn how:

1. Why is crucial have a website for your business.
2. Which are the most importants elements of your business website.
3. How to choose an effective domain.
4. How to add contents to your website.
5. How to promote online your services and your products.
6. What are the SEO actions to do for improve your Search Engine Ranking.

Why is crucial have a website for your business?

Have you finally decided to create your company's website? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! In this guide, we will accompany you step by step to creating a website for small businesses and for free professionals. With the website, you can attract new customers looking for services like your search engines. If you are not present on the web, these customers will choose your competitors.

In Italy, the competitive edge of the website is still a boon to few, because only 30% of small and medium-sized businesses have decided to take their online business. This choice has safeguarded the existence of the company: in fact, 80% of Italian companies that closed their doors in 2016 did not have a website.

Why does 70% of small and medium-sized Italian companies do not have a website? High costs, too much time for site development, lack of awareness of the importance of having a website and poor technical expertise are among the main reasons for the lack of a corporate website.

All of these reasons are now easily confused, thanks to Flazio who, with the least economic and technical effort, makes it possible to create a perfect and performing website. But let's go with the order: what are the advantages of a website for a small business?

- The website makes your business more serious and reliable: Online presence assures your customers about your business
- Thanks to the website, you will be indexed on Google and you will be present on the search: you will find it from customers all over the world.
- The website will allow you to expand your marketing strategies to increase your profits.
- The website will help you increase your company's reputation.
This guide will help you create the perfect website for your business or your profession with some simple webdesign and web usability: this way, with the tools and all the features of Flazio, the site builder you have chosen to create your own professional web site, you will be able to go online, be present on search engines and attract customers in the short term.


How to create a Website?

Schedule the structure of your business website.
The first important step before starting to create your own website is to locate the Focus: Do you want to sell a product online?
Want to update users about the latest industry news? Do you want to divulge your content? Want to know your business?
Bringing these questions and answering (not in Marzullian terms) will help you understand what you have to do and what your website does not have to do.

However, there are some sections and some information that are needed within your website, whatever your Focus.
The Home Page is the main page of your website, what must now entice the user to continue navigating the website. You can enter a page About us, to give more information about your business or about you (so you will assure the customer about your existence and your business).
And do not forget a Services or Products page, where you provide all the features of what you offer or sell.
Your business website must have a Contacts page where you can enter all of your contact information, how to reach you, and also a contact form: so you will be able to contact you quickly (you will also have the Flazio Chat for a contact in real time).
Do not overdo it, start concentrating on these main pages.
With Flazio, you can successfully add new pages or update the contents of those already created at any time.

An effective domain

Starting the creation of the website with Flazio, you will have a Flazio subdomain (eg tuodominio.flazio.com).
This is the temporary name of your website: you will have a top-level domain enabled by enabling the Fazio's Professional Version. The top-level domain (eg, yourdomain.com) is taken more into account by Google and by users who have searched for your business or are in the search results of Google. You will also have 5 unique email addresses, linked to your domain, which will make your communications even more professional.

The Images

The images on your website are important because they attract the attention of your visitor right away - the texts and their quality will make a difference, but the pictures will prompt customers to read the information on the website. Images also play an important role in the web site's graphical structure, contributing to the user's browsing experience.
Background images to the site, photos of your products, pictures of staff and rooms: all must be of quality and have their place on the website. For this, with Flazio you have several tools available to create slides, slideshows, photogallery, and do not even lose a pixel of quality!

If you do not have quality images, you can always search and select our images directly in the site's work area. Select a category and you will have hundreds of images to choose from and add to your website.


Everything you need

After you've set text and images, you can think of all the other elements that will make your website even more effective.
Of course this is the newsletter: with this tool you can enroll users in your mailing list and send promotional or informational communications.

But you can also include videos, link icons to your pages and Social Accounts, and you can add a blog, a powerful tool in SEO (a blog means always new content). Think about what you need and then open our Appstore on the left: you'll find a component for every need.

Start now and create your Website with one of ours Template

With Flazio, you have more than 100 templates made by our web designers specially for your business.
Look at template previews, browse pages, and choose what you like best.
Each template contains some fixed items that are needed for your website such as the header,
ie the header of the site, the footer.


What are the essential elements​  of a business Website?


The header of your website is the first element your visitors will see and will have to be present on all pages of your website. In the header you will need to enter your logo, the name of your site or your business or your brand and the website navigation bar. Remember to copy the header on all pages of the website. The navigation bar is the main navigation route on your website: for this reason, the navigation bar must be clear, uniform and on a line. Enter the main pages of the website: When you add a new menu item, Flazio will also create the page renamed as the menu item.

Services and Products

​​Your company offers services and sells products, so your website must contain information about your services or products. At the homepage of the site, you will have visitors' attention for a few seconds so it is important to immediately indicate clearly what your strengths are and to entice customers to browse the other pages of the website for more information. To facilitate their search, enter the links on images and presentation texts to direct them to the detailed pages of the services.

Social Media

Your Social Contacts must have a major position on your website, so you can easily click on them for your visitors, so they will stay in touch with you through multiple channels. You will have several social components available on Flazio that will also allow you to show, for example, the last posts of your Facebook page.

Call to Action

Call to Action, called CTA, is a real "call to action". When a customer is interested in a service or product, you must entice him to click to provide him with more information, have a direct contact and sell your products or offer your services. Then, insert a link or a button with a direct action, such as Find More, Buy Now or Get Started Now. These buttons will make it simple and clear to visitors how to reach what they are looking for.



The footer of your website is the closing element of the pages of your website and, like the header, must be present on all pages. In the footer you can enter information such as the game iv, contacts and a navigation bar with the secondary pages, such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Blog and FAQ page with frequently asked questions.


At a certain point in navigation, visitors will have direct contact with you: getting in touch with them is an important and crucial step! Make sure that your mail and phone contacts are readily available. You can place your contacts in the footer of your site so that they are present on all pages and create a Contacts page where you can enter a contact form for immediate requests. On the contact page, you can also enter a map to showcase your business location.


How to optimize your website for Search Engines


After you've made the structure of your website, you need to optimize your content to find your web site on searches done by people on Google.

You will be asked sometimes how positioning on search engines is established: and unlike what some think, there is nothing magical. And above all, there are some very simple operations that can help you improve your positioning and thus increase the number of your visitors.



Keywords are the most important element for optimizing your site. Just think about what customers would write to Google to find your services or products. For example, our SEO experts wondered, "What does an entrepreneur or a freelance job seeker want to accomplish on his own web site?" These are the questions you will have to take to determine which keywords to set up on your website.

Ah, the answer to the question was "create a website". When you find the most important search keywords, you'll need to include them in your pages. Depending on their relevance, you will have to assign the H1, H2, H3 markers to the texts of the website. You must enter a H1 per page and it is the title of the website, the most important element. Then you can enter H2, H3 etc: remember to assign them based on the relevance of the words.

Title e Description

You've noticed that every search result on Google has a title and a short description along with the site's url: these two texts are very important because they are a preview of your website.
Keep in mind that your site is not one of the first positions: visitors need to click on the result to start browsing your website. You can set a title and description for each page of your website: each of them will have to be straightforward and will have to convey the visitor who is clicking on the best result of his search. You can set the titles and descriptions of your pages from the Site Index Panel on the right side of your work area.

Alt Tag

Alt Tag is a very useful tool for optimizing your website's image. The Alt Tag describes the image and function that the image itself covers within the page. Google attaches great importance to the Tag because it extracts information about the image and other contents of the page. Then assign an Alt Tag with keywords to your images from the edit panel of Image App!


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